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Research, led by curious and dedicated faculty, is the beating heart of LBS. Investing in and amplifying our faculty’s research enables us to have a profound impact on the world.

Rigorous research with world relevance

Our outstanding faculty have long been at the cutting edge of academic research with scope to make a real impact on the world. It is this powerful combination which differentiates us from our peers.

Image of Kamalini Ramdas, Professor of Management Science and Operations

Our research has been shaping the world for decades

In the 1980s, professors contributed to the establishment of the FTSE 100. More recently, faculty’s research has been guiding society on how to prepare for and navigate the 100-year life. Our global work includes improving malaria supply chains in Africa and advising international governments on testing for COVID-19.

LBS IEPC launch

Acclaimed research is key to attracting the best faculty

Investments in Research@LBS and our research institutes in the areas of Leadership, Business and Development, Asset Management and Entrepreneurship and Private Capital, will enable us to increase the production and influence of world-leading research. 

Randall Peterson Professor of Organisational Behaviour

Shaping tomorrow’s leaders

The richness of perspectives and rigorous thinking of our faculty brings value to the classroom and beyond, shaping our students and alumni into tomorrow’s business leaders.

Investing in research at LBS

Big Ideas for a Changing World:

We operate within a fiercely competitive market.

Our peers benefit from endowed faculty chairs to help draw talent – often they have more endowed chairs at their disposal than total faculty. Our ambition is to increase our number of endowed faculty chairs from seven to 17, strengthening our ability to compete within a very small pool.

Campaign gifts will further enable us to provide relevant and cutting-edge insights and thought leadership to match our community’s interests and needs.

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