A Letter from Dean François Ortalo-Magné

Investing in the future of LBS

Image of François Ortalo-Magné, Dean of London Business School

London Business School’s tradition of excellence and global prestige drew me to the privileged opportunity to lead the School. We have grown from our beginnings in Northumberland Place to our Regent’s Park terrace and significant presence in the major financial centres of the world. Today, we offer programmes for every stage of post-graduate business and executive education.

Our student body includes over 2,500 degree programme students and 10,000 executive education participants annually. Our 50,000+ strong alumni community live in 156 countries. What started as a small British business school has blossomed into a global talent magnet. We are proud of all we have achieved internationally, and yet we know that it is London which affords us our greatest competitive advantage. London’s vibrancy, rich heritage and diversity make it an important epicentre, drawing the brightest minds into our community for decades. As we have evolved over the years, two constants have remained: our commitment to rigorous life-long learning and a commitment to impact the world.

These two sentiments guide us today. Through our £200m Campaign, Forever Forward, we aim to ensure the entire LBS community – students, alumni, faculty, staff, partners and friends – can have a profound impact in today’s world. Our pledge is to walk the journey for life with our community – by providing research, learning, the network and activity supported by our convening power – towards greater impact.

Four priorities underpin our aspirations: with your philanthropic investments, we will engage a greater diversity of minds (Scholarships), infused with original thought from leading faculty (Research), within an environment that stimulates creative energy and collaboration (Learning Environment), to inspire the innovations and ideas that will change the world (Innovation). Through these aspirations, we believe we will create profound impact for the world, for you, and for our entire community.

I ask those of you with bold ideas and big dreams to play your part in our new campaign, Forever Forward, and together, let us transform our School in pursuit of greater impact for us all.


The Sammy Ofer Centre at night

Campaign ambitions at a glance


to be raised over 5 years


to attract talent and broaden our diversity through scholarships


to amplify our faculty’s research and its impact


to promote connections and collaborations in a first-class learning environment


to use innovations to accelerate our transformation

Portrait of Savio Kwan

A letter from Savio Kwan MSc09(1976), Campaign Chair

As an alumnus of London Business School I have gained so much from my relationship with the School over the years.

From the moment my application was initially rejected, to the awareness that it was what I would do for the School someday not what the School would do for me – I have treasured my connection with LBS.

For nearly 60 years our alumni have benefited from the tremendous amount of knowledge from faculty. Some have received a scholarship to come to get their degree, and all have roamed the halls of Sussex Place and now the Sammy Ofer Centre, learning with soon to be life-long friends.

The School has risen in the league tables and reached success at global levels. Its continued success, however, is rooted in the journey we walk together. As we continue to learn and interact with the School and each other, our ability to have an impact on the world grows and grows. This Fundraising Campaign gives all of us an opportunity to tip the competitive scales in favour of London Business School.

I am humbled by the role of being Chair of this Campaign and so I ask for your help in achieving our goals. Whether you are still in London or scattered around the world, I hope you will find a way to stay connected with the School. For the students that come after you, the faculty who teach them and the learning environment for all of us, this is where your support of our Forever Forward Campaign will make a difference. With our alumni and friends at the front of this mission, I know we can do it.

I look forward to the journey with you.


Sussex Place, LBS Campus and grounds

London Business School at a glance


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