The Thread

Our Sussex Place campus, beside one of London’s Royal Parks, is getting the entrance it truly deserves. Alongside improved visibility and connection with Regent’s Park, the redevelopment of the Quad will create more spaces for gathering, collaboration, ideation and reflection. Symbolising the spirit of our reinvigorated Learning Environment is a new one-off opportunity: The Thread.

So much more than a sculpture… it’s The Thread that connects us

The Thread will be engraved with the names of generous LBS alumni who have chosen to make a collective impact by giving at least £1,000 to support our Learning Environment – one of the key priorities of the Forever Forward campaign. The Thread offers you the chance to make your mark on campus; a physical manifestation of the common thread that is your connection to the LBS community.

Secure your place on the Thread

Your recognition

You can choose from three levels of recognition:

–      £1,000+: your name & programme code will be displayed amongst your peers

–      £5,000+: your name & programme code will be displayed in a prominent position

–      £10,000+: your name & programme code will be displayed in the most prominent position on its own post, and you will be gifted your engraved post after the installation comes to an end

You can make your donation as a one-off gift, or set up regular monthly instalments. All donations will need to be received by 31 March 2025 to secure your space on The Thread.

To thank you for your support, donors will additionally become part of our Regent’s Circle community of supporters.

Read more about how your support of our Learning Environment will be recognised on the Thread

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Secure your place on the Thread

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