Our Campaign ambition is to grow our endowment to more than £100m to build long-term stability and financial strength. Increasing our endowment not only helps to support the future but allows us to act with agility against our competitors.

The importance of increasing our endowment

portrait of 2 female LBS students

Relative to our age, our endowment remains small and is dwarfed considerably by that of our peer schools. Many of our competitors benefit from centuries-old endowments, worth, in some cases, 50 times more than ours.

There are many opportunities to support our endowment in each of the Campaign pillars, such as funding Chairs or scholarships in perpetuity. By making such a gift, you make a difference not just once, but forever with future support given every year from an endowment fund income. An endowment gift is one of the best ways to have a lasting influence on the School.