Learning Environment Funding Opportunities

You have the power to create the environment where the brightest minds can connect and collide to create real-world impact.

Explore our Learning Environment funding opportunities below

Naming the School
Naming the North Building
North Building Entrance and Gardens
Sussex Place Regent’s Park Garden
Sammy Ofer Centre Student Lounge and Café
North Building Ballroom (Nuffield Hall)
The Incubator
Sammy Ofer Centre Lecture Theatre x2
North Building Lecture Theatre
Career Centre
Sammy Ofer Centre Terrace Boardroom
Sammy Ofer Centre Alumni Centre
North Building Alumni Centre
Sammy Ofer Centre Flat Floor Teaching Space x1
Behavioural Lab
Collaborative Learning Classroom
Sammy Ofer Centre Courtyard (x2)
North Building Council Room
North Building Executive Meeting Room with Terrace
North Building Committee Room
North Building Executive Dining Room
Sammy Ofer Centre Heritage Room
Alumni Coaching Programme
Media Centre
Sammy Ofer Centre Large Study Room
North Building Large Executive Group Rooms
Sammy Ofer Centre Medium Study Room
North Building Small Executive Rooms
Sammy Ofer Centre Small Study Rooms
Sammy Ofer Centre Study Pod x4

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