Research Institutes

Our research institutes fuel vital collaborations with policy makers and business leaders at the highest levels. These powerful relationships cement the connection between research and practical application. Our aim to become European and global hubs for innovative thinking across these disciplines, will strengthen the School’s reputation and enable profound impact.

Institute of Entrepreneurship and Private Capital

With an ambition to become a global platform for the entrepreneurial mindset and its symbiotic relationship with private capital, we established the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Private Capital, bringing together our expertise in these areas. The IEPC develops research-based evidence and best practices that encourage advancement throughout the entrepreneurial landscape.

Students at the LBS Hackathon 2020

LBS has a reputation for supporting entrepreneurial ideas that drive impact, create wealth and advance well-being. Through the IEPC, we will cement our reputation as a venture creation and financing hub and an enterprise growth accelerator. IEPC will also give wider exposure to research into the essential aspects of today’s private capital markets.

Entrepreneurship and finance have been at the heart of London Business School for the last 20 years. In 2021, the Institute of Entrepreneurship & Private Capital (IEPC), was born from a timely merger of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Centre for Private Equity.

Together, we aim to become an unparalleled centre for education, policy shaping and events covering all aspects of entrepreneurship, from idea generation to financing, and private markets investing. The IEPC will help create and finance the companies of the future and shape the people who lead them.

An IEPC conference

Our ambition

Vast amounts of private funding, as well as corporate and public resource, are invested each year to generate and scale new ideas. We want to ensure that this investment creates real impact by providing evidence-based outcomes, outputs, insights and strategies to people working in this space.

Private capital

Companies are staying private longer, ensuring that their growth and value creation benefits an increasingly large set of investors in private capital markets such as venture, growth, buyout or private credit funds. We leverage our educational resources and research to support entrepreneurs and their investors in private markets.

Professor Luisa Alemany

Luisa Alemany, Associate Professor of Management Practice, Academic Director IEPC


Our cutting-edge research enables us to develop tools and guidance for businesses and investors across the globe. These insights and activities enrich entrepreneurs and private capital investors within the LBS community, as well as a large and diverse audience of executives, innovators and policymakers who can influence real outcomes.


Our leading world-class faculty deliver a range of entrepreneurship and finance courses designed to equip our students to succeed whether they are starting a business, joining a start-up or becoming an investor.

Wheeler Institute for Business and Development

Image of Rajesh Chandy
Rajesh Chandy, Professor of Marketing; Tony and Maureen Wheeler Chair in Entrepreneurship; Academic Director, Wheeler Institute for Business and Development


The Wheeler Institute aims to improve lives through business. We create impact by identifying the world’s biggest challenges, applying business insights to help solve them, and forging communities to implement large-scale enduring change. Through our academic networks and our communities of practice – students, alumni, business, policymakers, and local communities – we have continued to pursue ways to make an impact and identify innovative, scalable and sustainable solutions. We are committed to creating inclusion and access.

Image of Tony and Maureen Wheeler

Founding the Institute

The Institute was founded through a generous donation by entrepreneurs Tony Wheeler MSc05(1972) and his wife Maureen, co-founders of The Lonely Planet. “We have witnessed the impact, both positive and negative, that business has on our world’s most vulnerable communities.” Maureen Wheeler

Rajesh from the Wheeler Institute

The Institute is working toward four core objectives

We seek to cultivate academic communities of engaged scholars, who have an interest in business and development, and who are making an impact through their research. We aim to create communities of practice to make an impact and identify innovative, scalable and sustainable solutions. Through our work, we will demonstrate that LBS is a preeminent business school at the cutting edge of business research. And we seek to impact the decision-making of influential leaders and other stakeholders.

Wheeler Institute collaboration

Engaging curious minds

Through our public engagement initiatives, we aim to engage curious minds within the School community and the broader business world. Raising our external profile will help establish LBS as a leader in the field. At the same time, increased awareness among business leaders will help to change the conversation at the highest levels.

We inform and influence learning so that the business leaders of tomorrow are long-term agents of positive change.

Image of dry cracked land

Professional opportunities

We have developed professional opportunities to broaden students’ understanding of their own impact as future business leaders and to challenge perceptions about the role business can play in driving change.

Image of woman working for wheeler institute

Student-driven agenda

We are inspired by the purpose and passion of our students who are focussed on applying innovative thinking in the area of business for development. We seek collaborations with student clubs and initiatives, that have the potential to evolve how we think about business.

Social enterprise Dharma Life


Among numerous collaborations, we are working with Dharma Life  a social enterprise in rural India founded by LBS alum Gaurav Mehta MBA2010, and The Better Marketing for a Better World Initiative, aiming to build a community and support the development of knowledge on how marketing can improve lives, strengthen societies and benefit the world at large.

Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute shines a light on the topical leadership issues affecting the lives of people and the organisations they work for across the globe. With a mission to raise the standard of global leadership, the Institute aims to use evidence-based insights to help solve leadership challenges.

Vyla Rollins Executive Director of the Leadership Institute

Vyla Rollins, Executive Director of the Leadership Institute

The Institute seeks to profoundly impact the world through leadership research with four areas of focus:

  • Diversity: Return on Inclusion – to train leaders to leverage the power of diversity and unlock the benefits of inclusion
  • Leading Effective Organisations – offering guiding principles to design, build and sustain exceptional organisations
  • The Future of Leadership – helping leaders to identify the values and approaches that make a difference for future generations
  • Leading Ethically: Principles into practice – exploring how ethical leadership can make a difference for all stakeholders nurturing our most precious resource: The Earth
Randall Peterson Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Academic Director of the Leadership Institute

Randall Peterson, Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Academic Director of the Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute believes that rigorous research creates value. Since its inception in 2014, the Institute has funded over 40 faculty research projects and conducted extensive research on global leadership challenges, boardroom trends and board behaviours and dynamics.

The Institute supports leaders in developing their ability to deliver in their unique operating framework by translating research into practical resources and actionable insights.

Through support for Executive Education and degree programmes, as well as working with professional bodies, the Institute develops, trains and inspires leaders at all stages of their leadership journey.

By creating opportunities for the whole LBS community, the Institute has created an events programme that convenes prominent leaders.

AQR Asset Management Institute

The AQR Asset Management Institute has pioneered an understanding of contemporary asset management issues. We led the way in conversations around ESG, corporate governance and asset management, and continue to be at the cutting edge of these debates.

Image of Anna Pavlova

Anna Pavlova, Professor of Finance; Academic Director, AQR Asset Management Institute

Founded in 2015, with generous support from AQR Capital Management LLC, the Institute has been at the forefront of investment-led research and policy conversations since its inception, playing a central role in convening the asset management community within the UK and across Europe.

Led by Professors Anna Pavlova, Richard Portes and Stephen Schaefer, the Institute team has significant research and teaching expertise and networks across finance and asset management worldwide.

Over the last ten years, assets under management have increased globally from $60 trillion to $90 trillion. In parallel, we have witnessed an explosion of new asset classes: cryptocurrencies, digital assets and ESG funds. All present significant opportunities – and risks – for investors. Research-led insights are needed to support regulators and minimise risk to the financial system.

Image of LBS Hackathon

Our ambition

Our research has been instrumental in understanding today’s financial systems. Our ambition is to grow our programmes to serve the evolving needs of the financial community and society.

The exchange of ideas

The Institute offers an unrivalled forum for sharing ideas and debating investment issues, bringing together leading academics, practitioners, policymakers and regulators from around the globe.

Image from the AQR Insight Summit 2019

Future leaders and scholars

We recognise academic and research excellence by supporting London Business School students and rising scholars around the world with a series of awards.

World-class education

We support London Business School as the world’s leading provider of asset management education to both students and executives via electives and short courses.

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